The 5 Best Cholesterol Medicines in Pakistan 

Hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol causes threatening conditions for our body putting it at the risk of cardiovascular problems. Thereby, we have readily available cholesterol medicines in the market to lower the blood cholesterol in any way. Here in this article we will see how we can deal with hyperlipidemia using cholesterol medicines. And what are the best cholesterol medicines known to us?

What Actually Happens in Hyperlipidemia? 

As we all know cholesterol acts as a building block for the cell membrane formation. Along with that it also performs several important tasks inside our body. Thereby, not only our body produces it but also we uptake some portions of fats in our daily diets.

However, due to imbalanced and unmonitored dietary habits, the body’s cholesterol level is elevated from normal levels. In other words, LDL level goes up as compared to HDL that initiates plaque formation that when blocks the blood passage completely gives rise to problems like:

1. Blockage in the blood flow to heart Heart Attack
2. Blockage in the blood flow to brain Stroke
3. Blockage in the blood flow to heart Peripheral Artery Diseases

Lipid Profile Test

It is the main test that confirms whether you have a high cholesterol problem or not. One can have a lipid profile test once in a year after adolescence. However, if you are accused of any of these, then you must be concerned for your health condition now;

  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug and narcotics
  • Unhealthy and fatty food
  • Physical inactivity
  • Metabolic problems like diabetes
Statins | A Physician’s First Priority for Cholesterol Medicines 

When a person’s total blood cholesterol level rises up from 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), then he becomes a high cholesterol patient. Here comes cholesterol medicines that help us in lowering blood cholesterol. But what is so special about these cholesterol medicines? Let me tell you.

For a high cholesterol problem, the key option for its treatment is ‘statins’. Statins are the chemical substances that eliminate the extra fat from the body. They either lower the triglycerides in the body or increase the HDL which is a good fat for our body. They are in fact physician’s first choice for cholesterol treatment.

Nonetheless, we have both types of statins in option – natural and synthetic. However, natural statins and their unani formulations are far better options than synthetic cholesterol medicines.

5 Natural Statins as Cholesterol Medicine 

Here are some natural statins that we can easily use to solve our cholesterol problems. But before using them, keep it in mind that it’s better to use them as per the healthcare representative’s recommendation. Otherwise, an abrupt decrease in cholesterol level can also be fatal for your health.

Fish Oil

Although we lack evidence on the bioactivity of fish oil as a natural cholesterol lowering substance. But we still consider it a good natural statin that contains omega-3-fatty acids, which surprisingly lowers the LDL and vLDL to some extent.


Among the medicinal applications of fenugreek, one is its cholesterol lowering ability. However, while dealing with fenugreek, one must take care of its quantity as long term use of fenugreek can also lower the blood glucose level. It is not a good thing for our body. Several preliminary trials support the use of fenugreek as a natural statin.

Red Yeast Rice 

These are a type of white rice that we made by fermenting the rice with yeast. This is a common dish in China. We also employ this as one of the high cholesterol medicines. FDA has banned this recipe due to the presence of monacolin K in it. Perhaps, now red yeast rice and supplements without monacolin K are readily available in the market.


From the ancient unani literature, we know very clearly that we can cure all the human problems by giving them a healthy diet. Thereby, psyllium therapy is one of the effective therapies for high cholesterol problems. Meanwhile, this therapy gained much confidence of physicians and dieticians as it has been proved from several experimental trials that 5.1 grams of psyllium two times a day lowers the blood cholesterol.


It is an Asian herb that we frequently use not only to garnish our dishes but also as a taste enhancer. However, its pungent taste has an ability to affect the stomach if taken in large amounts. But the most fascinating fact about ginger chemistry is, it serves as a natural statin and reduces the extra body fats.


It is a water soluble vitamin B, more precisely vitamin B3. We usually receive it as a part of our food. However, this vitamin B is even more important for hyperlipidemia patients. They usually receive it as a food supplement that increases their HDL level. Although niacin is a good natural statin, its activity for diminishing heart stroke and related cardiovascular problems is not known to us. Perhaps, the only thing we know is, niacin in large quantities is not bad for us as it is a water soluble vitamin. So, excess amounts can be removed from the body by homeostasis.

Effective Unani Cholesterol Medicines 

The Unani system of medicines has never disappointed us in any way. We have a variety of cholesterol medicines available that not only treat the high cholesterol issue but also decrease the potential risks of cardiovascular problems. Here we have listed 5 most effective cholesterol medicines.

  • Ajmaleen
  • Ispaghol Saboos
  • Safuf mehzil
  • Qalab-e-Rawan
  • Ajmal Desi Ghee


Hyperlipidemia being a severe hazard for underlined cardiovascular problems needs timely treatments. We can choose among natural and synthetic statins to use for cholesterol medicines. However, cholesterol medicine is chiefly related to the lowering of triglycerides and increment of HDL in the body. High Cholesterol usually shows almost no symptoms itself. Thereby, we must go for a complete check up once or twice in a year so that we get timely informed of our body conditions. A physician can also use non-medicinal approaches along with cholesterol medicines to treat hyperlipidemia.

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